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Primavera Engineering & Construction Scheduling

 Primavera Project Management Scheduling

  Using Primavera P6�  P3�  SureTrak�


Checklist for the steps to design and implementation:
Review the task listing provided by the client.
Generate the network logic in a workshop or at distance setting.
Develop the schedule based on the network logic.
Review schedule and key milestone dates with the client.
Submit the schedule for approval.
Complete needed schedule revisions.
Obtain final schedule approval.
Develop progress reports.
Schedule updates based on progress reports provided by the client.
At Distance services using the Web, email, fax and phone.
A RedBird Project Web page exclusively for your project.
A Service Agreement is required.
Why choose RedBird?  We work on projects every day and use Primavera software to help manage each task.  We are a Certified Oracle | Primavera Trainer / Consultant and Gold Member of the Oracle Partner Network OPN.  When you work with us you can be assured that we know how to use the software before we start working on your project.  That means efficiency for you.  We think you expect that ... we don't have to learn how to use features in Primavera after we start working for you.
Your involvement is crucial to the development and updating of your project schedule. We work with you through these stages to help ensure project success.
Services Per Hour Per Day
Per day based on 8-hour day per  associate.
On-Site - Junior Associate: Scheduler /  Project Controls Specialist
Per day based on 8-hour day per  associate.  Minimum 40 hour week billing.
On-Site - Senior Associate: Scheduler /  Project Controls Specialist
Per day based on 8-hour day per  associate.  Minimum 40 hour week billing.
~ Initial and follow-up site visits.
~ Network Logic, Coding, etc.
Per day based on 8-hour day per each principal.
Travel, Lodging, Meals, Courier, Special Printing / Plotting, or other similar travel / business / office expense billed at cost.
$ Billed at actual cost.  Standard per diem arrangement for Lodging / Meals on long term assignments.

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Project Scheduling
Let RedBird Corporation fulfill your Project Scheduling needs. 
We Work on Projects Every Day™.


Key Benefits

Measure what was actually completed compared to your established schedule baseline.
Keep project principals and stakeholders involved and up-to-date.
Establish where you are with your schedule and budget and compare it to where you should be.
Predict if more time or additional funding is required.
Present your project using the latest project media graphics and formats.  We can help you look great!


Scheduling at a distance
We can provide a full range of project management planning and tracking services, using Primavera� and SureTrak� software.  We can work with you at a distance, using email and the web. This lowers your cost and is extremely efficient.
Your Project Schedules on the Web
Your Project Schedules can be placed on a special RedBirdCorp.com Web Site and can be password protected.  You, and your client (if you provide them with the password) can view all of your Project Schedule information.   We provide a history / link to each update.
Just need scheduling?  We can do it ... But we can add your estimated costs and using your Code of Accounts to help you track cost too.
Coding of Accounts
If you need help establishing a Code of Accounts, we can help you! Using a coding feature, we can help you predict if more time or funding is required on your project, and even help determine which activities need special attention.
Project Network
If required, working with you, we can develop a project network to establish your project schedule.
Certified On-Site Team Training
We can provide Certified Primavera Training and Tutoring to your entire team..

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