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Course 108 Primavera P3 to Primavera P6


This two-day course is specially designed for users moving from Primavera Project Planner (P3) to Primavera P6. Numerous charts list how P3 fields and functionality map to Primavera P6, enabling users to leverage their existing knowledge of P3 and rapidly adapt to new features in Primavera P6. The course begins with navigation, menus, and terminology in Primavera P6, and introduces new ways to view layouts and run reports. The course also details how basic tasks in the project management life cycle are executed in Primavera P6, including how to create activities, assign and analyze resources, and update the project plan. An appendix at the back of the manual covers how to convert projects from P3 to Primavera P6. (Please note that this course is designed for existing users of P3. Those who wish to learn Primavera P6, but are not P3 users, should register for Course 102.)

Learning Outcomes:

bullet Identify similarities and differences between both applications
bullet Identify P3 3.1 commands and their corresponding location in the client/server application
bullet Identify the major hierarchical structures
bullet Navigate through windows
bullet Create a project

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:

bullet Earns 13 PDUs and 1.3 CEUs
bullet PMI Program Number - 108

Prerequisite: Course 601 or experienced P3 users
Course Length: 2 days

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

bullet Identify Major Hierarchical Structures
bullet Create a Project
bullet Add Activities
bullet Assign Duration Types to Activities
bullet Identify New Date Fields
bullet Analyze Resource/Cost Usage
bullet Update a Project
bullet Format Schedule Data
bullet Identify Activity Percent Complete Types
bullet Print Layouts
bullet Create and Print Reports
bullet Create User�Defined Fields
bullet Define and Run Global Change Statements

Course Outline

Day One:

bullet Introduction
bullet Navigating
bullet Menus and Terminology
bullet Building Projects
bullet Activities
bullet Duration Types
bullet Resources and Roles

Day Two:

bullet Updating a Project
bullet Formatting Schedule Data
bullet Percent Complete Types and Weighted Steps
bullet Printing Layouts
bullet Reports
bullet Tips and Tricks

Additional Lessons (some are covered if time permits)

bullet Converting Projects
bullet Additional Menu Commands in Primavera
bullet Transferring Data between Primavera and Microsoft Excel


bullet Identify Activity Types



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