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Course 603 - Managing Project Data with P3

This hands-on training course is aimed at experienced P3 users. You will go beyond the fundamentals of scheduling a project by transferring project data by cutting and paste, store and retrieve fragnets, and use import and export. In addition, global change and custom data items will be used to modify activity data. Learn to enhance your presentation by including objects and symbols and post this information on your company Intranet using the Web Publishing Wizard. You will become proficient at using the power of P3 for maximum control of your projects.

Prerequisite: Course 601, Planning and Scheduling with P3 or experienced advanced user.

Course Outline:

Day 1:

Building a project
Customizing Project Data using global change and custom data items
Enhancing layouts for winning presentations
Case Studies
Create a project group
Store and retrieve fragnets
Copy and paste data between projects
At the completion of this course the student will be able to:
Alter schedule logic in PERT
Export/Import data to a spreadsheet and other formats
Define and assign custom data items
Modify project data through global change
Use Primavera Draw
Attach objects to activities
Link objects to the layout
Utilize "Fit to page" printing in PERT
Display P3 data in Metafile format
Create Intranet web pages using the Web Publishing Wizard
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