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Course 106-R (Primavera P6)
Resource Management in Primavera P6


 - Advanced -    

This course provides in-depth resource management training in Primavera P6. The course covers advanced topics in managing resource allocation, future-period bucket planning, and resource leveling.

Extended case studies at the end of each day provide an opportunity to apply new skills and functionality. You will first assign resources and analyze their allocation. At the end of the second day, you will apply what you have learned to resolve resource over allocation.

Professional Development and Continuing Education Units:

  • Earns 13 PDUs and 1.3 CEUs

Learn To:

  • Resource and role analysis
  • Bucket planning
  • Leveling resources
  • Storing period performance
  • Resource reporting
  • Create resources and roles

Suggested Prerequisites:

Course Objectives:

  • Create resources and roles
  • Resource reporting
  • Assign cost accounts
  • Analyze resources
  • Bucket planning
  • Level resources
  • Store period performance

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Course Topics:

Creating Resources and Roles

  • Describing Resource Security
  • Creating a resource
  • Creating a role

Assigning Cost Accounts

  • Assigning Cost Accounts to Expenses

Analyzing Resources and Roles

  • Using the Resource Usage Profile
  • Using the Resource Usage Spreadsheet

Manually Allocating Resources

  • Viewing the Assignments Window
  • Viewing and Editing Allocation

Using Bucket Planning

  • Editing Future Buckets
  • Using Curves

Leveling Resources

  • Setting Leveling Options
  • Leveling Based on Priority

Resource Reporting

  • Running a Resource Report
  • Using the Layout to Create a Report

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