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RedBird NoteBook System ™   ~  Estimating

Our RedBird NoteBook System. Estimating is developed exclusively for your project estimating and management needs.   We work with you, in person, or through the web, to develop usable historical data ... transformed into meaningful information, in a format you can use.

Key Benefits

Use RedBird NoteBook System™ to estimate future projects accurately, measure performance, and build confidence in your estimates.

Benefit by using RedBird NoteBook™ for understanding what you estimated, what the actual cost per unit was, and what your bid will be on the next job.  We will help you set up a simple Code of Accounts for field and office use.

RedBird NoteBook� Estimator can help measure your bottom line.  Do you know what your Performance Index is for the last project you completed?  This is just one example on how it can help.

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